Ezy Stacker Pro Kit - D Shape - Grey

By EzyAqua

The EzyStacker Pro Kit provides a great value bundle...

EzyStackers are the worlds first modular pleco cave stacking system, our system not only looks great but allows fish keepers to easily remove a single cave at a time to retrieve eggs, fry or adults easily using our EzyCaves with removable cap system.

All EzyCaves and EzyStackers are completely interchangeable, this means you can mix and match colors and shapes to create your own unique style.

Cave dimensions: 13cmx3.5cmx5.5cm


Our unique rail system makes removing any single cave a breeze without disturbing other caves in the stacker, in addition the rail also secures the cave nicely in position meaning the fish cant push the cave out of the stacker accidentally.


Our innovative removable cap EzyCaves make removal of eggs, fry and adults easier than ever before.... Meaning minimal stress to the fish and a quick and easy task for the fish keeper.

Joining multiple stackers together using the supplied joiners allows you to create your own pleco city creating an amazing playground for your plecos.


Fully modular system. Create your own pleco city to suit your style by joining and stacking multiple EzyStackers.

✅ Made In Australia
✅ Designed & Tested by experienced breeders
✅ Innovative removable cap EzyCaves
✅ Quick & Ezy egg, fry and adult removal.
✅ Precision fit cap for zero light entry.
✅ Heavy duty construction.
✅ No more accidental breakages.
✅ 100% Aquarium safe


What's Included

6 x D Shape EzyCaves -Grey

1 x EzyStacker & 2 Joiners

1 x Food Holder