EzyCave - Round | Grey

By EzyAqua

EzyCaves... the most innovative pleco cave to ever hit the market!

EzyCaves not only look great but also allow fish keepers to easily retrieve eggs, fry or adults quickly and gently using our innovative removable cap system.

All EzyCaves are compatible with EzyStackers allowing you to stack caves quickly and easily.

Our caves are designed and tested by experienced pleco breeders and keepers meaning they are made to function perfectly!

Cave dimensions: 13cmx4.5cm  


Our innovative removable capped EzyCaves make removal of eggs, fry and adults easier than ever before.... Meaning minimal stress to the fish and a quick and easy task for the fish keeper.


EzyCaves removable caps are precision fitted for the perfect fit every time as well as a perfectly designed overlap to ensure zero light entry into the cave. 



EzyCaves are specifically designed to be gentle on your fish, longfin bristlenose in particular benefit from the subtle and gentle texture in our precision design.



Fully modular system. Easily Create your own pleco city by combining your EzyCaves with EzyStackers....

✅ Made In Australia.
✅ Designed & Tested by experienced breeders.
✅ Innovative removable cap EzyCaves.
✅ Quick & Ezy egg, fry and adult removal.
✅ Precision fit cap for zero light entry.
✅ Heavy duty construction.
✅ No more accidental breakages.
✅ 100% Aquarium safe.